I'm impressed young grasshopper that you have found this secret message.

Josh Kaggie

Dr. Joshua Kaggie is an MRI physicist, originally from Utah, USA, and currently lives in Cambridge, UK. Dr Kaggie is probably most known for being very social, and yet a little awkward. Oh, and MRI.

Cambridge, UK
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Oct 18, 2020

The Meaning of Life is Death

What near everyone fails to realize is that society is built around death, namely, preventing it. It is death itself which gives life meaning. If the world were stagnant, then there would be

Oct 3, 2020

Cargo Cult Science

Richard Feynman From a Caltech commencement address given in 1974         Also in Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!During the Middle Ages there were all kinds of crazy ideas, such as that a piece

Aug 9, 2020

How the Virus Works, part II

This handy-dandy Q&A sheet should answer all of your questions about the coronavirus. What is hypoxia? Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen.  Oxygen is a necessary component of human life, as

Jul 25, 2020

Viral Droplets and Aerosols

My opinions about how the virus works is exactly the opposite of nearly every other person, which results in very different policies. The coronavirus diameter is between 80 and 120 nm.  This qualifies

May 26, 2020

The Rule/s of Mormonism

The Rule/s of Mormonism

"Good" Mormons don't take recreational drugs, drink coffee or alcohol, pay 10% of their income, nor have premarital relations. Mormon Missionaries follow a more stringent set of rules.

May 23, 2020

The 'Halo' (aka Corona) Effect

The 'Halo' (aka Corona) Effect

The 'Halo' effect is a phenomenon where we perceive people positively or negatively based on secondary, sometimes unrelated, characteristics.  For example, you might think that an interview candidate is very intelligent because they

May 13, 2020

To Be(lieve) or Not To Be(lieve)

To Be(lieve) or Not To Be(lieve)

That is the question! Beliefs are incredibly important.  Beliefs influence actions.  I lived in Denmark for two years due to a belief.  People vote based on beliefs.  Everything we do relies on what

May 11, 2020

Intelligence, by Isaac Asimov

Intelligence, by Isaac Asimov

Josh's note:  I like this story so much that I thought it was worth repeating.  Here it is: What is intelligence, anyway? When I was in the army, I received the kind of

May 1, 2020

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready for this?

"Hello, world!" This is the line that every programming language has as its first tutorial. Printing the words "Hello, world" to its audience. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but I am really in my element with this lockdown.

There's a secret message here too? What? Are there secret messages everywhere? Nooooooooo. Maybe. This is Josh Kaggie that you are talking about.