I'm impressed young grasshopper that you have found this secret message.
May 1, 2020

Are you ready for this?

"Hello, world!" This is the line that every programming language has as its first tutorial. Printing the words "Hello, world" to its audience. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but I am really in my element with this lockdown.

Are you ready for this?

"Hello, world!"

This is the line that every programming language has as its first tutorial.  Printing the words "Hello, world" to its audience.  

I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but I am really in my element with this lockdown.  

It's probably because I don't feel locked down.  I feel, if anything, unleashed.  I have never felt more relaxed.  I read an economics book this morning.  Do you know how often I read books?  These days, almost never, unless it's about MRI physics.  I do enjoy late night reading of very random wikipedia topics.  I am a physicist, and we can't know what we don't know about physics, at least, completely.

This photo was taken the morning of an enjoyable stroll in Cambridge. I met my former housemates to do cleaning over at The Broadway, my former flat. Around April 5, 2020.

Now, you might ask, "Why is there a monkey as the first photo of this site?"  And I could turn around and ask you, "Why shouldn't there be?"  I could also retort, "That's a primate, but not a monkey."  But in all non-seriousness, it's a free image.  Hopefully open source, but I'm not making money on this website.  Yet.

Actually, that makes me think.  I need to make a donation page.  Oh, this will do.


I promise nothing if you send money to me.  I will assume anything without other explicit writing is a donation to me.  Probably because you like me in some way.

Oh!  And what's not to like?

I couldn't sleep last night.  I was too excited for what I could do with this website.  It's the best solution of a website that I've found. Software by Cloudron that helps install a lot of features quickly.  That's where the monk.. gorilla comes from, from the free softwares available.

I just would like to say that I have very much enjoyed my time here in Cambridge, UK.  I would say I was a little broken when I moved here.  I wasn't used to the resources that would soon be made available to me.  It took getting used to.  I've grown - a ton.  And now, with this lockdown (it's been what, 6 weeks?  Time has really flown!), I have had more of a chance to really improve my life and surroundings, quite tremoundously.  My housemate said after I had pulled out some decorations, "I feel like this house is now classier than me."  That's saying something.  I don't really feel the effects of the lockdown - it's very sunny outside and most of my relationships seem to be carrying on as normal, other than fewer pub nights.  I didn't really care for going out to drink anyways.  I was always there for socialising with my friends.  I don't like interacting with people outside family and a few friends through computer screens though.  But that's fine by me - I'm the guy who was working long nights and weekends in Utah on MRI coils (receivers) in spare time.  So, like I said, I'm in my element here.  Besides, the fact that everyone is in lock down means that I don't have to follow the same social rules – ie., I've been growing my facial hair and head hair out.  What are people going to do?  It's not like they are around me enough to shame me.  Plus, it looks great according to my friends.  :) ... Too much internal monologue?  It's probably best to not be exposed to others' internal monologue for too long.


Ok.  So, maybe I've answered the gorilla question.  It's a nice photo. Hopefully free. Nice, with a little bit of ridiculous.  (Also, can I make this text fully justified?  Not right, left, centre, but fully.  It seems random at the moment.)

But the question remains - what am I going to do with this site?

I will probably update it with information about me from over the years.  I've had a lot of varied hobbies.  I've kept mostly quiet about many of the things that I've done, but it might be entertaining for everyone to see.  So, that's what I'll be up to.  

As a taster, are you familiar with my work with the PostMos?  or PostDocs of Cambridge?  My 30+ journal publications? That I gave a talk in London last Fall?  Or that I have been involved with the procurement and management of MRI systems for multiple centres?  Oh, you might be familiar, but get ready for a little bit of dazzle, a little bit of ridiculousness, and hopefully, quite a bit of entertainment from myself.  I did, afterall, just move from The Broadway to Albion Yard.  The Broadway had some great shows, but now I am a king who lives on Castle Hill.  And this king is about to show off everything about himself.  And it's going to be enjoyable for most everyone watching.

The King of the Hill (tv show). Much like I feel like the king of Albion Yard, on Castle Hill, Cambridge, UK.
There's a secret message here too? What? Are there secret messages everywhere? Nooooooooo. Maybe. This is Josh Kaggie that you are talking about.